Israel’s social media acceptance rate falls to 0%

Israel’s official statistics agency reported on Tuesday that the social acceptance rate for Israelis fell to 0%, the lowest since the data began in 2008.

The number of Israeli people who have never used social media has dropped from 8.5% to 5.5%, according to a report by the Israel-based Social Affairs Ministry.

The agency did not provide a breakdown of how many people have stopped using social media in the last year.

A new poll released by Israel’s Knesset’s political committee showed that 46% of respondents were in favor of limiting social media to the use of a smartphone and mobile phone.

In an interview with Israel’s Army Radio on Tuesday, Minister of Information and Culture Avi Gabbay called the decrease in social acceptance an “unprecedented phenomenon.”

“The decline in social trust is something that’s happened in Israel, but the fact that it has been so profound and that it is happening now is unprecedented,” he said.

“It means that the Israeli people are not being taken seriously when it comes to what they do online.”

Gabbay also said that social media use has been “a major factor in the erosion of trust in the Israeli political and civil society.”

“We’re seeing a gradual erosion of public trust,” he added.

The survey showed that in 2014, only 29% of Israelis said they believed they could trust social media, down from 34% in 2013.

But that number had not decreased, with 56% of those surveyed saying they believed in the power of social media.

The poll also showed that more Israelis than ever before are using smartphones to share information, with 35% of adults using smartphones in 2014.

More than one in four Israelis said that they have used Facebook to post or share information.

Gabbash said that Israel has an opportunity to “empower people to share their thoughts and ideas on topics that they care about” and that he is optimistic that the government will make social media a major part of the government’s future strategy.

“We need to use this new platform to create a better social world, to create an alternative to social media and to encourage citizens to be active in the public sphere,” he concluded.


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