If birds evolved from monkeys

If birds are birds, why do we keep calling them birds?

This is the question posed by Reddit user r_m_a_s_i_n_o_t_t (see sidebar), who claims that birds evolved out of monkeys, and therefore can’t be considered “birds”. 

I have to agree.

We do have a strong evolutionary bias against the idea of evolution.

So I don’t think this is a problem at all, but it is something that needs to be addressed. 

If we think of birds as a group of mammals, it’s easy to think that evolution can’t have happened for birds.

But evolution doesn’t happen for any single group of animals.

There are many different groups of animals, each of which has a different set of needs, and so we are limited in what we can say about evolution.

It is an incomplete view of the universe, and the more we try to explain evolution in terms of group differences, the less it is comprehensible.

This leads to the second part of the question. 

When we think about evolution, we often think of it in terms the animal world.

Animals evolve in the context of the social world, and that is an idea that can be tested. 

A group of monkeys will make a baby bird.

Birds evolve in an animal world that is very different from the animal that makes a baby mammal. 

What is more, birds are highly social creatures, and it is not unusual for the babies of monkeys to have been born to different mothers.

So evolution has evolved in a different way in birds than it has in mammals.

If birds are a group made up of mammals and birds, then why do birds have such different needs? 

For one thing, the way that the social organisation of birds evolved in the animal kingdom has changed over time.

The social organisation is more complex than in mammals, and birds are an example of a group that has more complex social organisation. 

We have already looked at what evolution means for birds in terms how they are different from mammals.

The birds that evolved into mammals, for example, were mammals with a central nervous system. 

In this context, it is very easy to argue that evolution has not happened in the same way in bird life.

But the fact that there is a link between the central nervous systems of mammals (a bird with a brain that has evolved to be very similar to that of a mouse) and the behaviour of birds (the evolution of complex social behaviour) means that the evolution of the central system of the nervous system in birds has changed. 

Birds have a nervous system that is more like a mouse’s than the mouse’s central nervous control system.

This means that birds have evolved a more complex nervous system than mammals. 

Another thing that is a part of this evolution is the way in which they are organised in the social hierarchy.

Birds are a social animal that is organised into different groups, each with different needs and needsets.

The group that is the most important for a bird, and which the most complex social system is in the bird world, is the solitary group of birds.

Birds in this group are called rooks, and they are found in almost every part of nature, from trees to birds to animals, and even in people. 

So when we think birds evolved, we are really thinking about a different type of social organisation in nature than what we find in the mammalian world.

The same is true of the way evolution has happened in birds. 

As the number of birds has increased over time, they have evolved to become more complex, with a more complicated central nervous function. 

This complexity has resulted in the development of a more organised social structure, and these birds are also called the solitary-group bird.

There are many species of birds that are found throughout the animal worlds.

There have been many species that are part of more complex groups than just rooks and pigeons. 

The social organisation that birds are part, however, is a very different social organisation from that found in mammals and mammals and primates.

Birds do not have a central system that controls all their behaviour.

They can choose their own social behaviour, and there are some birds that behave like humans do. 

It is not clear why there is such a difference between birds and mammals in the way they live and interact with each other. 

One explanation that I can think of is that birds do have an evolved central nervous organisation.

This might be due to a change in the evolutionary rate of evolution, or it might be that birds evolve because they are less likely to make mistakes, or that they are more cooperative than mammals and other birds.

The evolutionary rate might have changed as a result of the changes in the size of the animals that live in the world, or because of some other evolutionary change.

In any case,


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