How to fix the social drift of news in India

By Muralikumar Rajagopal | The Wall St. JournalThe New Delhi-based National Election Commission (NEC) has asked its Election Commission of India (ECI) to revise the “social drift” of news stories to include more relevant information, and the news is likely to become a little less polarizing.

The ECI had earlier asked the NEC to create a report card for news reporting and the new guidelines include guidelines on how to report on “revolving door” politics.

In other words, the ECI would consider how news reporting reflects and reflects on the wider political spectrum.

The guidelines are likely to be rolled out in time for the next general elections in 2019, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to form the next government. 

On Monday, NEC Chairman Ashok Kumar said the changes will improve the quality of the news.

“The EC has also asked the Commission to develop guidelines for the delivery of news content to voters in an election year,” Kumar told reporters on Tuesday.

“We will take the necessary steps to ensure that the quality and the presentation of news is high-quality, relevant and relevant in the context of elections.

This will be done in a transparent and transparent manner,” he added.

The Commission has said that the guidelines would be put into action by 2019.

The new guidelines will be published online soon. 

“In the next four to six months, we will be preparing a report to be sent to the government,” Kumar said. 

The NEC said the new content guidelines would allow for a better coverage of political and social issues.

“The Commission is committed to ensuring that the media is given an opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the political discourse in India,” the agency said.

The NEF had asked the EC to revise guidelines on the distribution of election-related news to voters.

The commission had earlier said that news about the “reign of terror” would be taken out of the election campaign and not made part of the general election campaign.

“In an election cycle, the government is in a hurry to present the country’s best image and the media will not play a role in this,” the EC had said in its guidelines.

“If news that is not pertinent for a particular constituency or a particular time period is allowed to be presented, it will create an undue impression and undermine the confidence of the voters.”


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