Nona: Meet the woman behind social selling on Instagram and Facebook

A mum-of-two who says her husband is obsessed with social selling has been featured in the latest episode of the BBC’s Nona TV series.

Nona was born in Melbourne, Australia and moved to the UK to study English literature at university.

Her parents divorced and she began working in advertising when she was 10, after she discovered Instagram and other social media sites.

She moved back to Australia to be with her husband and her new passion for selling things was born.

“It’s not a real hobby, it’s something I really love doing and I think it’s a real career,” she said.

After the couple divorced, she began dating a successful businesswoman who gave her the go-ahead to open her own social selling business.

When she started selling her products on Instagram, her customers were so impressed that they signed up for the social sharing service.

The business has since grown to more than 100 customers.

Ms Nona said she had a lot of interest in social selling from her first customer, a young man who told her he was going to open a new business to help support his wife’s family.

He had recently bought a car and wanted to sell it to raise money for his family.

“I was so excited about it, I just had to make sure I had a car, I had money to buy it and that it would be able to do that,” she explained.

Over the years, she has sold a range of different products including shoes, handbags, cosmetics, food and more.

What’s next for Nona?

She’s keen to expand her social selling platform and she hopes to offer a wider range of products, including cosmetics and shoes.

But Ms Nona says her biggest challenge will be to continue to build her business and build a team of salespeople to ensure she is successful.

While she said she loved her job and her family, she said her biggest ambition is to be able not just to sell, but also to be a successful entrepreneur.

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