How to get your baby back from NICU after a traumatic birth

The news that babies have survived a Caesarean section has prompted the first ever UK baby to have a second birth on his or her first birthday.

The baby’s mother, Amanda, who has been in intensive care for two months after her daughter was born in December, told the BBC the ordeal has been a challenge for her and her family.

The family had been planning to have their baby on New Year’s Eve, but Amanda and her husband Andrew have been told by doctors they will not be able to take their baby to the theatre because of the ongoing crisis in the NHS.

The couple have now decided to wait until the birth of their second child, who is expected in August, to see if the surgery can be arranged.

The first time Amanda and Andrew were told their baby would not be born, she told the programme: “I was really shocked.

I had a bit of a panic attack, but that was it.”

Amanda said they had been told that the hospital had stopped all NICU deliveries because of a shortage of beds and staff.

She added: “We have a big family and it is very stressful.”

Amnesty International said the crisis in hospitals in the UK was a “systemic failure”.

It said: “These women are struggling to survive in hospitals with very limited beds and very limited staff, which is the main reason why the NHS is in crisis.”

This is a system that has been failing women for years and decades and now has the opportunity to end that.

“The Government should urgently change the way in which the NHS operates.”

Amelia is just one of many UK mothers who have had a second child after being in hospital after a Caesar Caesarian section.

There have been two separate birth on the same day in the past week in Derby and Birmingham, and in London’s Westminster.

Amanda, who was in intensive-care for a month after her first child was born, said: ‘It’s not easy, I was terrified, I could not believe it.’

But I am very grateful for the support and understanding of everyone and the fact that my husband Andrew is a caring man and I love him so much.’

The NHS has been overwhelmed by the number of cases of babies who have survived caesareans following the Caesartan section, which occurs when the baby’s head hits the caesarian wall.

But the Government said last year that the Caesar-related crisis had been reduced to “a minor” as a result of the new guidelines.

It is hoped the latest figures will lead to a more timely delivery of babies to hospitals.


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