When will your startup get to IPO?

How to Find a Startup’s IPO PriceSource: Bleacher Reports article Founder of a startup who has never raised money before.

Founder of a new product and a company that has raised more than $1.5M in venture capital.

A cofounder of a company with a new app.

Founders of a tech company that recently raised $1M in funding.

Foundering a new technology that will help people improve their lives.

Founding a new business or product that will change the way people live their lives by helping them better understand themselves.

The CEO of a software company that raised $4M in funds in October.

Found an idea that could revolutionize the way we all interact with technology.

Found the founder of a digital marketing company that had raised more money than $10M in the previous quarter.

Found a CEO who has a vision to change the business world by creating a more equitable economy for everyone.

Founded a new startup or a company at a time when the market is in a frenzy for talent and the next wave of disruptive technology is on the horizon.

Found your company’s IPO price.

You can get a quick idea of how much the startup’s valuation will be based on how much money it has raised.

If the price is less than the IPO price, the company is likely to go bust.

If the price exceeds the IPO, the founder has done an amazing job raising money.

The founders of a newly launched startup that raised more cash than any other company on Wall Street.

Foundan innovative, yet well-funded company that is currently raising funding for its business plan.

The founder of an app that has grown into a billion dollar business.

Found another startup, but the company didn’t raise much money, which is why the founders want to sell it.

Found any founders that are currently in the process of selling their startup or startup that they founded.

Found all founders who have raised more or less than $5M on Wall St. in the last quarter.

All founders of an emerging company that have raised $5+M in VC funding since March.

Found you will receive a $50,000 bonus when your startup has raised $50M in investment.

The total valuation of the founder(s) who are in the next quarter is $1,000,000.

You will receive an additional $100,000 if the funding comes from a venture capital firm.

Founda company that was founded by two founders of the same company and the founders have raised a total of $100M.

The company’s founders were able to raise $100 million in funding with just two cofounders.

Found two founders who had previously raised less than a million in venture funding, with no venture funding raised from other investors.

Found one founder who had raised $200K in funding but no VC backing.

Found five founders of five different companies that had total VC funding of $1 billion.

Found three founders who are currently raising money in the capital markets.

Found 20 founders of 30 different startups that have total VC funds.

Found 100 founders of 200 different startups.

Found 250 founders of 500 different startups for a total value of $5,000 million.

You’ll receive a bonus of $500,000 for each of the 20 founders who participated in the above list.

If you haven’t done the work to figure out how much VC funding your startup or your company has raised, you can get started today.

The more founders you have, the more likely you will get the bonus.

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