A doctor’s advice on the best way to treat depression: get a blood test

A doctor has made a new suggestion for treating depression in people who haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Dr David Dickson said that in many cases, it was a matter of being aware of the fact that the person has an underlying mental illness.

“We can have a person who has a history of a mental illness who is clinically depressed and the underlying underlying symptoms are present, which is very difficult to recognise, but we can treat the underlying symptoms and then we can start the process of treating the underlying mental disorder,” he said.

“In a case where you know the underlying pathology, then you can identify whether the underlying physical illness is present and that would then be a much more effective treatment.”

The main thing is that you can recognise the underlying cause, identify whether you can get the underlying condition under control and then start the treatment of the underlying depression.

“He said that there were many factors involved in a person being diagnosed with depression, including their family history of the condition and whether they had a history with depression.”

A lot of the information that we do get is from family members or from people who have been in treatment for depression,” he explained.”

And we also have to recognise that there are people who are at high risk of having the underlying diagnosis, so we have to be aware of this and we need to be prepared to take those steps.

“Dr Dickson says there is a range of different treatments available for depression, but he believes that if you know something about the underlying issue, then there are a range more effective options available.

He also said that the best thing to do is to treat the condition as soon as it develops.”

You can get a psychological test and if you’re clinically depressed, you can see if you have a depressive disorder and if that’s present, you will be able to assess whether there is an underlying pathology,” he told ABC News.”

If there is, then we need a treatment plan that is tailored to the underlying psychological disorder.

“Dr Dave Dickson explains the science behind depression.



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