How Trump and his allies are exploiting the news cycle to create a crisis for the media

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump has been the poster child for a new breed of media phenomenon known as “news fatigue.”

The Trump campaign has tried to spin it as an all-out war against the “fake news” that threatens our nation’s well-being, and has used the press to help sell his ideas.

The media, however, has seen this as a dangerous opportunity to undermine his candidacy, with its reporting and commentary often feeding into Trump’s own divisive, sometimes false narratives.

Trump has used his social media accounts to spread misinformation, such as his suggestion that the media is trying to undermine him with the “rigged” election.

And, in recent days, he has taken advantage of his platform to use it to further his agenda.

News fatigue is a phenomenon in which the media focuses more on stories about the candidate than on the issues that matter most to voters, such an economic downturn, the rise of ISIS or climate change.

That’s why Trump is particularly sensitive to the media’s focus on the economy, with which he has been feuding with the mainstream media for more than a year.

“The media is not a neutral arbiter, and their job is to give you a fair hearing,” Trump said during an August rally.

“It’s not a game.”

But the president has used news fatigue to help his own cause, particularly by trying to discredit and undermine the press and journalists who cover his campaign.

In the past month alone, Trump has claimed that the news media has been “lying” about him and has called for “totally biased” coverage.

The president has also used news to undermine the media by spreading conspiracy theories that are debunked by the evidence.

“I’m not going to let the media and the fake news destroy my presidency,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Phoenix in October.

“They are destroying our country.

They are destroying the credibility of our press and our democracy.”

The president’s own Twitter account has often been used to spread misleading, false information about his administration.

In January, Trump tweeted a false story about how the Affordable Care Act was being repealed by the “failing” New York Times, which was later corrected.

Trump also frequently posts tweets that are false or misleading, such the claim that “Trump is the best thing that’s happened to America since the Great Depression.”

Trump has also retweeted false news and misinformation about the Russian government.

In April, he tweeted that “fake Russian sources” were attacking the election results because of his own “false reporting.”

And he repeatedly retweeted inaccurate information about the president’s family members.

“There is a war going on between the media, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party,” Trump tweeted.

“Now, it’s happening in the mainstream press, but the mainstream Democrats are playing a very big game.”

Trump also has made a habit of retweeting inaccurate or false stories about himself, such that it’s difficult to know which of them are true and which are not.

In July, for example, he retweeted a tweet that read, “Donald J. Trump will soon be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.”

The tweet had been posted on Twitter by a user named “The Truth,” a user who has a verified account.

The tweet was quickly deleted, and Trump subsequently apologized.

But a copy of the original tweet was later published online, which prompted an inquiry from The Washington Post, which said the tweet “does not represent the views of The Washington D.C. Post or its employees.”

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the tweet.

When asked about the retweet, Trump said it was “a tweet I made in response to a tweet from @TheTruth.”

Trump frequently tweets from his personal Twitter account, often posting misleading or false information.

Trump’s tweets about the press have also been widely shared, as he has repeatedly tried to discredit the press with false stories and misleading tweets.

“He’s been saying that the press is a bunch of crooks,” said Chris Cox, the director of media relations at the Campaign Legal Center, which monitors election law violations.

“And then, he’ll say, ‘Oh, they don’t have access to classified information.

They don’t know what the hell is going on.'”

Trump also retweeting falsehoods that are based on falsehoods “that we’ve heard about from Hillary Clinton,” Cox said.

“His tweets about how many people he’s going to kill, and how much money he’s gonna be taking in, all based on lies, misinformation and false information that the mainstream American media doesn’t even want to run.”

The Campaign Legal Centre is one of the groups that has been monitoring the campaign’s use of Twitter.

The group has been tracking Trump’s use in the past year, including a recent tweet about the “biggest threat to our democracy, our freedom, and our freedoms” to which Trump wrote, “And the media loves it.”


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