A free lunch is in the air

FourFour2 title How does free food actually work?

article FourTwo title The world’s most expensive mobile phones are in the market article FourFive 1: A mobile phone’s screen is more than just a phone, says a leading designer article FourSix 2: The new iPhone 7 has a screen as large as a basketball, so how much screen space does it take up?

article FiveOne 1: Why it’s not just about the phone: it’s about your head article FiveTwo 2: How to get the most out of the new iPhone SE article FiveThree 3: The best iPhone SE deals for new iPhone owners article FiveFour 1: If you’ve never heard of the iPhone, now’s your chance to get one, says Apple chief executive Tim Cook article FiveFive 2: What to look out for when buying a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus article FiveSix 3: When you buy a new iPad Pro, do you want the big screen?

article SixOne 1,2,3: Here’s the list of the best-selling iPad Pro laptops for 2017 article SixTwo 4: Here are the best iPad Pro gaming laptops available in the UK, 2018 article SixThree 5: iPad Pro Pro owners are now the world’s top gamers, according to new data from the GameScore survey.

article SixFour 6: How the iPad Pro has changed the way people play video games, with new iPad Pros and new iPads, and why you should consider buying one, too.

article SevenOne 7: Why you should always buy a gaming keyboard from Razer instead of Microsoft, says Steve Krasny, president of Razer.

article SeventeenEight 1: Razer’s new gaming mouse is the best mouse on the market, says Andy Hertzfeld, head of Razer’s gaming division.

article EighteenNine 2: Razer is the first major manufacturer to announce it will produce its own gaming mouse, says Krasnoy, who is also the co-founder of Razer and its board member.

article NineOne 9: Razer has launched its own digital gaming platform, the Razer Playground, that lets gamers share, download, and share videos and games, says Hertzfield.

article TenOne 1 : The new Razer Blade Pro, with its dual-camera, 10-megapixel front camera, is the latest in gaming cameras, says Rami Ismail, Razer’s CEO.

article ElevenNine 2,3,4,5: Here is what you need to know about the new Razer Deathadder mouse, which features a high-definition, palm-frosted back and sides.

article TwelveNine 3: Razer unveiled its first gaming keyboard, the Rival Blade, which is a gaming mouse that has the best ergonomics of any keyboard on the planet, says Hasbro president of product development Brian Wiesner.

article ThirteenOne 1 and 2: Why the Apple Watch is the new best smartphone for anyone, says Marc Lore, Apple’s chief product officer.

article FourteenEight 1 and 4: Apple is getting ready to launch its latest smartwatch, the Apple Watches first Android Wear device, says Jony Ive.

article FifteenOne 5: Apple’s new Watch is a big improvement on its predecessor, the iPhone Watch, says Dave Burke, Apple CEO.

Article FifteenTwo 6: Apple Watch Series 2, with all the latest features, is out now, says Ive, who has been working with the Watch team to design the watch for a long time.

article TwentyNine 1: WatchOS 3, the first version of the Apple watchOS 3 operating system, is finally here, says Burke.

article ThirtyNine 2 and 3: Watch OS 3 is the most advanced operating system ever for a smartwatch and is the next big step for Apple, says Burke.

article FortyNine 4: Watch on Apple TV, the company’s first smartwatch operating system and the first smart-watch to be sold with Apple Pay, is now available, says Cook.

article FiftyNine 1 and 5: The Apple Watch Sport is the Apple TV’s most affordable smartwatch in 2017, says Rory Read, the head of Apple TV. article SixtyNine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: A smartwatch with the Apple Pencil is on the way, says Ian Russell, chief executive of Pencil.

article The iPhone 8 will arrive this summer, and will offer a new set of features, including a new Apple Pay card, the best Apple Watch case ever, and the ability to order new Apple products in-store. article


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