When you see a tweet, do you click it or do you go elsewhere?

The future of Twitter is the new social news and content creation platform.

But in a time when most people don’t even know what Twitter is, it’s a little unclear what the future holds.

Here are five things you should know about Twitter.


It’s going to change the way we share stories.

In 2016, we shared an incredible story about how an 18-year-old student was paralyzed after being hit by a car while walking in a park.

And today, with the new Twitter platform, we’re sharing stories that are much more personal and interactive.

So if you want to hear about a new technology that’s transforming your life, we invite you to tune in.

Read more on Buzzfeed.


The first person to tweet a story will be first to see it.

It takes a lot of time, and some people don,t see a story until the first person tweets it.

That’s why some of the stories we’re covering are stories that only the first user saw.

If you want us to share a story, you need to let us know that you’d like to see the story.


You can now share your tweets with other users.

This year, we launched a new feature called “Share With Friends,” where you can share with your Twitter friends.

The feature allows you to tag a friend’s tweet, and when they tweet back with their own tweet, the tweet will automatically be shared with the rest of your friends, including other users who have retweeted your tweet.

The best part?

If you don’t want to tag your friend’s post, you can keep them on the app so they can see it too.


Twitter users can now add comments to stories.

You might have heard that Twitter allows you for users to add comments directly to stories, and that’s what we’re starting to see on stories that you’ve already seen.

This is great for stories where you want your followers to be able to help you create more stories and more content.

It means people will be more engaged and interested in your work.


The news you see on Twitter is coming from all over the world.

The people that tweet most are also the most interested in what’s happening in their country, so they’ll want to see what’s trending there.

The world is getting closer, but Twitter still has a ways to go.

You should start taking advantage of the new platform now and share your news and social news with your friends.


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