Social Reality: ‘We are all part of this!’

A social experiment is a new concept, and one that challenges the idea that the human race has evolved from hunter-gatherer hunter-killers to the modern world.

This month, in an effort to test the concept, we asked five students to explore the idea of a social reality, the idea there is something more than one social unit within society.

For this study, we were interested in how different kinds of social experience shape our mental health, which is a key factor in a person’s wellbeing.

To accomplish this, we chose five different students, all students from a different university, to experiment with a new social reality experiment.

Participants were invited to read a series of paragraphs describing a social experience and then play a game of tag.

The tags were written on the ground and then removed.

The participants then sat with their hands on their knees, in a circle, in front of a wall and were asked to judge the meaning of each tag.

As the participants read the paragraphs, they were asked whether or not the meaning was that they had a shared social experience.

Participants also rated their own self-esteem and mood.

One of the participants, a recent graduate of the University of Nottingham in England, was given a social experiment to try out, and the results were interesting.

He told us he had a lot of positive feedback and had found the game quite enjoyable.

This is what the experiment looked like for the graduate student participant, I was surprised to see that his self-worth was very high and he had enjoyed the game a lot, said the graduate students father, The experiment was very well-designed.

It allowed participants to explore a different way of thinking about the meaning and importance of social reality.

He added that the experiment gave him confidence that he could get more out of the game.

The graduate student student participant told us that he had been surprised by the positive feedback he received.

In his experience, the meaning behind a social scenario is often ambiguous, but he felt that a shared experience could give him confidence and make him feel that his mental health was more stable and he felt good about his life.

 He added that he felt very much like a part of the group, but was not fully part of it.

He also felt that there was a social value in having a shared reality, and that it might have helped him feel more at home in a community. 

He said: I had really enjoyed the experiment and it made me feel very comfortable and secure in my own identity.

He said that having a social realisation helped him to feel more accepted in his own group and it gave him more of a sense of belonging.

But what about the students who did not participate in the experiment?

The students were also asked how they felt about their own personal experiences.

They were then given a choice: 1) they could describe how they experienced the social reality and the meaning they found it to have; or 2) they were given a different experience, such as a game, to try.

After reading the description of a game game, the students were asked how well they felt in the social aspect of their experience, whether they felt comfortable and safe in the context of their social reality or not.

They were also told if they were having a hard time with the social situation and how they had tried to change it. 

They were asked if they felt safe in their group, and whether they had an ability to relate to other people.

When the students had completed the social experiment, they also received a questionnaire about their mental health and moods.

It included questions such as how often do you feel depressed or anxious? 

What do you find yourself feeling? 

Do you feel that you can make changes to your behaviour or feelings to improve your social life? 

Is there a way that you could improve your mental health or mood? 

Are you feeling stressed out or anxious about life?

How do you cope with stressful situations and events?

How would you feel if you were alone in your life?


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