What you need to know about the Naijas protest movement

Naija Pangila, who was a former president of the Nava, was one of the founding members of the movement, which has been protesting against the construction of a dam on Nava’s Sabong river for over 20 years.

He was assassinated on March 1, 2021.

Nava activists had planned to set fire to a government building in Makassar and the nearby National Bank in protest against the project.

The Nava protesters were met by the National Police and armed police and arrested.

The arrest warrant was revoked and Pangilas body was buried on Thursday.

The group said they would not surrender until the government released the arrested Nava leaders.

Naja Pangils funeral has been held in Sabong, a coastal town in the northeast of the country.

The funeral procession was accompanied by thousands of Nava supporters who chanted slogans like “Let them be buried where they died”.

It is the third time in three years that Nava leader was killed, and the group has vowed to continue protesting until the dam is built.

In May, Naja died after being shot in the chest during an arrest operation on the Sabong River.

His funeral was attended by members of Naijas main alliance.

The party said in a statement on its website that “the Nava struggle will not be over, the Najas struggle will continue till the dam project is completed”.

Naijabo Pangilla, who is survived by his wife and two children, said that his death will be “a lesson to the government”.

“If the dam has to be built, we won’t give up our fight, but we will fight for the people who are facing hunger and deprivation, especially Naja.

We won’t stop until the Naja’s land is reclaimed from the government,” he said.

The death of Naja is the second assassination in the Nana district of Lanao del Sur.

In June, the death of a man in a hit-and-run was reported.

He died in hospital after being hit by a bullet while driving his vehicle.

A woman who identified herself as the woman’s mother said she was still receiving treatment for injuries to her arm.

The murder of Naja was reported after he was arrested by the Nua Police in Nava in October last year.

Police said he was planning to burn his body, but it turned out that he had not been killed, as he was still alive.

The police said they arrested the Nnaa leader on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Nua Governor Nailai Maraweja said in September that the Namaas leaders were killed by the security forces after a raid on his residence in Makuta town.

“They had been arrested after an illegal search operation,” he told a media briefing in Lanao Del Sur.

Police confirmed that the arrest was conducted on a warrant issued by a local court.

They said Najapal and other Nava were planning to set themselves alight in Makta town.

Najapa Pangillas funeral was held in the Sabang area in the north of the province of Lanaopan, near Nava National Bank.

His body was cremated at Sabang on Thursday morning.

He is survived in his family by his four children and wife.

Nai Japal was born in Makita in 1951.

He went to Nava as a child and was given a government job in Sabang.

He later became a member of the National Congress Party, and later became president of Nana.

In the 1970s, he became the Noda Party leader, and in 1996 was elected as the head of Napa.

He retired from politics in 2002, and is survived at Najpambakkam by his five children.


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