What is Social Distortion News?

The title of this article is not a question, but a statement.

Social Distortions News is an alternative media platform for the purpose of helping the people who need it the most.

I can tell you that it is an incredibly helpful outlet, but I am not going to tell you how to use it.

Social Distortion is an acronym for social distortion.

I am not trying to be preachy or preachy.

I am just trying to explain the concept and how it works.

People use social distortion to hide from people who they think might be out to get them.

They use it to deflect criticism from the person they think is out to hurt them, and they use it in the hopes that others will do the same.

You can use it, but only if you understand the concept.

The term social distorting is not used in a pejorative sense.

It is not like a slur, or an insult, or something that people are trying to make fun of or make fun off of.

Social distorting news is not intended to insult, insult, belittle, or otherwise demean anyone.

It is not meant to create an atmosphere where people feel like they can’t trust others.

People use social distortion because they want to be able to tell themselves that they are not going out of their way to hurt others.

It’s not to make a political statement.

It can’t be used to hurt people or make people feel uncomfortable.

Social distortion is not aimed at political views.

It doesn’t say you’re going to attack people, or that you’re not going after the left, or anything of that sort.

It just says that you can’t tell anyone you are not afraid of them, so that you don’t feel you have to be.

You can’t have that, you know?

If you are afraid of someone, you are going to make it so that everyone else is afraid of you.

And you know what?

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to do it.

If you do, then you’re doing it in a bad way.

And that means you are doing it wrong.

So, here is the concept of social distortions: It is an outlet for people to tell their stories, to share their thoughts, and to defend themselves from people they are afraid to tell.

That is how we get the stories and the thoughts that are going on around us.

Socialdistortionsnews.com is a social media website that aims to help people share their stories of what it’s like to live in the inner cities of America.

The name Social Distraction News is not really an acronym, it is a slogan, and it is meant to be a reference to the concept behind the term.

Social is not an adjective.

This site has been created as a platform for people who are experiencing the inner-city blight and social injustice.

It aims to be an outlet to share and defend their experiences, so you can share your story.

The goal of this site is not to tell people to go out and attack anyone or to attack anyone in particular, or to try to cause harm or upset to anyone.

The site is designed to be supportive of people who want to share the experiences of their communities and to give people tools to help them make better decisions about how they are going about their lives.

Social Distractions News has a number of articles on it that address topics like homelessness, crime, health, education, and more.

These articles address specific areas in a city, such as the lack of affordable housing, violence in the neighborhood, or the economic problems that affect the inner city.

The sites articles are also aimed at providing information about how the inner core of a city is changing.

SocialDistractions News does not provide specific information about the types of drugs and gangs that are out to prey on and attack people in the neighborhoods they are in, or how the city is addressing the housing crisis.

The only information we provide on this site are the articles on this website and the videos that we put on the site.

SocialDistractionsNews.com was created in February of 2018.

I have been using the site for a year.

I started out as a newbie, and have since become a full-time contributor.

I’ve been an occasional contributor for years, and am now a full time contributor for many more.

In the past few months, I have become very aware of the plight of inner-cities and how the issue of inner city crime is affecting all people.

My goal is to help other people in need of social distortion information to share what they are seeing and hearing, and hopefully to educate the community about the issues facing inner cities.

The videos on this web site address the topics that are most pertinent to the inner cores of cities.

I want to help the people of inner cities to understand that it’s not only a crime problem, it’s a social problem,


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