How to keep kids from reading too much social media

Posted October 02, 2018 04:28:38The most important social media marketing strategy is keeping kids from accessing too much information, according to a new study.

While the most common social media content has a limited amount of value for most kids, the more social media information parents can share, the better they can keep them engaged and keep them on track, researchers at the University of Maryland found.

“We need to make sure that our kids are engaged, that we are talking to them in a way that is engaging, and that they are not disengaged from social media,” said study author Julie Lassen, assistant professor of marketing at the university’s College of Business.

Lassen and her colleagues at the College of Arts and Sciences, in conjunction with the University at Buffalo, studied the use of social media in a national sample of 5,000 students.

They compared their findings with those from a national survey of 4,000 elementary school students conducted in 2009 by the Institute of Technology in New York.

Their findings, which were published in the journal Media Psychology, showed that social media can be helpful in keeping children engaged, but not too much.

The most common information on social media was about children who were younger than 12, but only half of those children had been using social media as teens, according the report.

That meant the students were likely to be distracted from other content and had little social skill.

The researchers looked at data from nearly 1,000 high school students who completed the survey from April through August of this year.

The students’ parents used social media to discuss topics that included sports, sports activities, school, homework, and school uniforms.

The study also found that social interactions were more frequent among students who used social networking in high school and college.

However, the students who were not using social networking during high school had lower levels of social skills and had lower engagement with the teachers they interacted with.

“Parents are doing everything they can to keep their children from being distracted, but they are also not giving enough attention to social media, said Lasseng.”

There’s no doubt that it is a huge challenge to keep children engaged on social platforms, but it’s not just about keeping them distracted, it’s also about making sure they are engaged,” she said.

While parents can help keep kids engaged by telling them what they should read and watch, they can also do more by encouraging them to explore and create their own content, Lassens said.

The research shows that social communication can be beneficial for parents and students, but there’s still much more to be done to help kids engage more with content that is relevant to their interests and their own learning goals.

For more information on how to keep your kids from being too immersed in social media:The study is part of the school year at the U.S. Department of Education’s Center for Digital Learning and Teaching.


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