How to stop being a jerk and start being a good person again!

Posted by Chris Cwik on December 18, 2018 06:16:01 When it comes to social media, being a douchebag is hard.

It can take a while to get over your initial reaction when you see something that you agree with.

It’s also hard to stop posting and tweeting when you realize that you’re doing it because you want to.

That’s why it’s important to get to know yourself and what you like, and stop posting stuff that’s negative, or that’s just wrong.

You’ll also want to make sure that you are on social media regularly to make your life a little more comfortable and to get yourself to know your friends.

If you can’t stop posting, you can still help your friends, and get them to feel more comfortable sharing and liking what you post.


Make sure you are not sharing anything negative about yourself.

Don’t be a jerk or a troll.

If someone likes your post, it will mean a lot to them, and they will appreciate it.

This means you should share it if it’s not a big deal to you.


If it’s something you care about, make sure you don’t share it to everyone.

If something you think is important to someone makes them feel uncomfortable, then that’s okay.

Share it to someone they care about and care about them.


Don´t be a douchet.

If your friend or loved one feels uncomfortable with you posting something, or if you feel like you’re sharing something that’s not about you, that is not okay.

If they feel uncomfortable with something, and you share it, then it means that you care.


Don`t share things that arent personal.

If the content you share is about your friends and family, or something that might be considered controversial, don´t post it.

If a news story comes out about your business, or about something that is politically incorrect, don`t post anything about that.

If there are things that you find offensive, you shouldn’t share them.


If people ask you to delete your posts, don’t do it.

You might get in trouble.

Some people might find that it’s rude to delete someone else´s post, especially if they disagree with it. 6.

Don�t post stuff that is already public, unless you feel you are being rude.

You need to make people feel comfortable.


If everyone has a post that you don�t like, you might not get it shared.

If that happens, please be careful with what you say.

It might just make your friends think you’re being a dick.


When posting, be respectful.

When someone asks you to remove a post, be polite.

It doesn’t have to be a personal comment, but if it is, you don´ts want to get in their way.


If, for some reason, you get in the way of your friends posting, try to be kind.

If possible, let them know you were a jerk when you saw them posting, but they might not be too happy about it, so it is okay to be rude to them.

If this does not work, you could say something like, “I just saw a comment that you were being a bad jerk and I just wanted to say that I appreciate it and it didn’t hurt my feelings to know that you like it.”

This is usually enough to get them thinking that you didn’t mean anything.


If one of your posts is about something you have to do to get out of a situation, it might be worth a try to ask your friend to wait.

That way you can see if it works.


If somebody is asking you to make a comment, please don’t just leave it there.

If at any point you want a response, tell them.

This will help them feel more confident about what you want.


If nobody else has posted anything, then keep sharing it, because you might get a few responses, and some people might actually like what you said.

Share something positive about your post.


Don t be rude.

When you post something that makes your friends feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, be considerate of them.

Donut is one of the best ways to be considerately kind to others, and be considerative of yourself as well.


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