New Delhi bans ‘anti-national’ videos and posts amid growing anti-national sentiment

NEW DELHI — New Delhi — The city government on Wednesday banned a new “anti-India” video and post from the internet.

It was posted by a user in the Indian-language social media app WhatsApp on Tuesday.

The video in question was about the death of a Muslim man, whose body was found by a passerby in the northern Indian city of Ahmedabad on Wednesday.

The post, titled “A Message from India,” showed a man wearing a burqa and a turban holding a knife in his right hand and shouting that India is an Islamic state.

It was later deleted by the user, according to a post on the app’s official Facebook page.

After the video was posted on Tuesday, a Facebook user who goes by the name J.B. wrote: “I feel very sad, but I can’t let go of this.

I will keep uploading this until I am killed or I die, or until my family is tortured.”

Later that night, the user’s post went viral and was shared over 50,000 times on WhatsApp.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the city’s Deputy Mayor Anil Kumar said the city police and intelligence agencies were working with the intelligence agency to identify the user who posted the video and report him to the central government.

“The video was uploaded on WhatsApp, which is a private social networking app, by a member of the user community.

The person who uploaded the video has been identified and is being sought,” Kumar wrote.

Earlier in the day, the central ministry of information and broadcasting said the government is taking steps to curb the spread of hate speech and content.

At a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, a government official said the ministry is coordinating with Indian intelligence agencies to “target” any social media accounts that “encourage or promote hate speech.”

“This is a clear attempt by an individual to use social media platforms to disseminate hate speech,” the official said.

“There is no place in India for hate speech.

This is not acceptable.”


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