Facebook has a ‘no-holds barred’ approach to removing content and sharing it with people

By ANI Social media giant Facebook has begun a new initiative to clamp down on illegal content and remove content from its platform.

The company said it has begun using artificial intelligence and machine learning to “reduce and eliminate illegal content” on the platform.

“The process is very automated.

We are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce and eliminate unlawful content on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC-TV18 on Thursday.”

We’ve had over 100 million reports about illegal content being posted on our platform in the last year alone,” he added.

The Facebook spokesperson said the company has been able to identify “a growing number of instances of content that may be in violation of our community standards”.

“We take reports of content removal very seriously, and we work with law enforcement and other partners to ensure the right people are being removed, as we do for content on other platforms,” he said.

“When we receive a report of illegal content, we immediately take action to remove the content and notify the user, who can then remove the account from the platform,” he explained.

“As part of this process, we also review the content to make sure that it meets our community guidelines and that it does not violate our policies,” he went on.

Facebook has a “no-shoes” approach to content removal.

This means it can remove content that violates Facebook’s terms of service, but does not take action against it as it would for illegal content.

“This means that we take reports about content removal extremely seriously, we take them very seriously,” the spokesperson said.

He added that the company takes “appropriate action” when “reports of content” are flagged as illegal.

“We review these reports very thoroughly and take appropriate action on them.

We also share information with law-enforcement agencies,” he noted.

The social media giant has been battling an increasing number of lawsuits in India over its content policies.

Earlier this year, Facebook agreed to pay out over $2 billion in compensation to people who had been blocked from the social network for sharing objectionable content.

In October, a Delhi court ordered Facebook to pay more than a million rupees ($2,100) to a group of students who were banned from the site for posting derogatory content.


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