How to watch the Pr-News Social Media Summit 2019: What you need to know

In 2018, Pr-news, a French social media site, raised more than $20 million in seed funding.

It launched a new business in 2019, Primavera, a global network of news and media platforms that allows users to share and share with each other news and information.

PrimaverAble was the first to join the PrimaVera ecosystem, which launched in 2018 and has been growing at an exponential rate ever since.

In 2017, Primas revenue surpassed $10 million, and it was worth more than a billion dollars in 2019.

Its founder, Philippe Saller, has also been known for his advocacy on social issues.

In 2018 he was named the first president of the European Parliament, and he is currently the chair of the French Socialists Party.

His platform of advocacy on behalf of the poor and marginalized has attracted the attention of the world.

Primavers platform, which is run by a team of about 30 journalists, is the only one that deals directly with the poor.

It was created as a platform for the poor to communicate directly with each others and with their communities.

The platform aims to empower the poor in their everyday lives and to fight poverty, inequality, and racism.

Primes founder, Bernard Riffard, recently told a French television station that the Primes team believes that the poor should not be excluded from social media.

This idea has been supported by a number of figures, including former French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

He said that “to be a citizen of the modern world is to know yourself as an individual, not as a citizen who is connected to an organisation or society.

To be connected to society, we must be connected, we have to share our lives and our experiences with others.”


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