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Hey how’s it going everyone, my name's Maurice Price! I’m an impartial Sales associates for MCA. To be honest I was just like some of you, skeptical but knew that there had to be a better way....
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Hey how’s it going everyone, my name is Maurice Price! I’m a completely independent Sales associates for MCA. To be honest I was just like some of you, skeptical but knew that there had to be a better way....
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The conclusion of the study was that some physiologic changes that occurred during the study were similar to those of exercise, but exercise offers some benefits that cannot be attained through sauna use; however, for those who cannot exercise, heat bathing showed beneficial changes that could help maintain a healthier cardiovascular system and may preserve muscle function. Though, as they add in their conclusion, more studies may be necessary to show what other benefits come from heat bathing, these results are reason enough for me to enjoy my sauna and steam bath more frequently and to enco
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