Sarda Plywood Industries Limited (SPIL), is India's leading supplier of a wide variety of plywood, blockboard, doors, decoratives and allied products.
DURO is one of the leading termite resistant plywood for bed base brands in India with quality-oriented in-house manufacturing processes for 100% customer satisfaction.
Fireshield by DURO is the best fire retardant plywood, impregnated with special chemicals for complete protection.
Carving excellence, DURO is a leading duro door manufacturer, providing wide range of highest quality flush doors in unlimited finishes.
Sterco Digitex Pvt Limited offers end-to-end Mobile Application Companies in Delhi to variety of clientele in various domains ensuring optimized productivity and brand popularity.
Duro Dynamo plywood is one of the best quality plywood with MDF on both sides, offering the unique combination of strength and smooth finish for kitchen.
Titanium from the stable of top quality 19 mm BWP grade plywood manufacturer - DURO is a high quality plywood that offers remarkable strength and performance.
Made with the highest quality 19mm Waterproof hardwood plywood, DURO Pumaply is an all-weather proof and water resistant plywood that can be used in furniture, bathroom , kitchen, etc.